Our next generation products, built on mainstream and proven standards-based technologies, are designed for reliability, flexibility, interoperability and mobility.


Purpose built investigative case management

Condor Investigate is a cutting edge intelligence-led investigation management solution giving investigators in law enforcement, border protection, anti-corruption, fraud and regulatory compliance organisations a significant technological edge in fighting serious crime and corruption, while helping to streamline investigative practices.

Information is produced and consumed efficiently and securely, enabling organisations to leverage their accumulated knowledge across different investigations, business processes and departments.

More than just an electronic version of the traditional case folder or a repurposed CRM or document management system, Condor Investigate is designed from the ground up to support the dynamic and complex requirements associated with intelligence led investigative case management processes.

Condor Investigate is powered by Distillery Software’s next generation Condor Application Platform.

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Redesigning surveillance operations.

Condor Operations is a secure mobile App and Server solution supporting the secure management of surveillance related activities including applications requesting surveillance assistance, tasking and team management, distribution of target information, observation recording and log summary distribution.

Condor Operations is designed to be modular, able to be used as a complete solution or integrated in various ways alongside or in conjunction with other operational systems. Other capabilities include: secure capture of management of all media, integrated mapping and secure messaging between surveillance team members.

This mobile App and Server product is also built and deployed on the Condor Application Platform.

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